God’s in Control

October 18, 2020

Covid’s still with us. I’m still writing rhyme.
I never imagined the hundreds of lines.

Political partisans pull us apart,
Seems working together would be a good start.

There’ll always be troubles, that’s just part of life.
It’s hard to find peace in the midst of the strife.

I daily need time to be still with the Lord
To spend time in prayer and to hear from His Word.

That time before sunrise is precious to me.
The dawning of light that will help me to see.

God’s still in control and He’s still on the throne.
That needs to sink deep in my marrow and bone.

The sun will soon rise as I start a new day.
I feel joy as I share what my heart has to say.

The thousands of words that I’ve written I pray
Have brought some encouragement, helped in some way.

1 thought on “God’s in Control”

  1. I Wish Your Words of Wisdom—gleaned from the Life You describe-could and would reach the Unlearned- and it shall if all of Us do God’s Will. So be it.

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