The Difficult Days

October 20, 2020

Some days are easy, a walk in the park,
While others are difficult, dreary, and dark.

Life sometimes brings pressure; I’m put to the test.
I trust in the Lord and I strive for my best.

Integrity, honesty, always my goal,
An integral part of what makes up my whole.

Endurance and patience are often required
To keep moving forward though weary and tired.

I trust God to guide me to help me stay strong,
To overcome hardship no matter how long.

Tomorrow’s a new day. The sun will still rise,
And once more the darkness will flee from the skies.

The season is changing, cool breezes return.
The colors are brilliant as all the leaves turn.

I pray that my autumn of life has a glow,
Reflections of Jesus, through me may He show.

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