Learning Endurance

October 24, 2020

Some weeks I am glad when they’ve come to an end,
Those weeks I got through with the prayers of a friend.

It’s those who surround me and lift me in prayer
Who help me remember God’s love and His care.

I’m reminded when weary of running the race,
There is good that can come from each day that I face

I’m learning endurance and trust in the Lord.
I’ll remember these times as the days my faith soared.

The Lord brings me peace in the midst of the storm.
His Spirit enables calm thoughts to take form.

He’s lead me through troubles and hardships before.
I know I can trust Him to do it once more.

The news reports chaos, and fighting, and strife.
I pray it won’t last for the rest of my life.

I pray that the hatred will come to an end.
Lord help us to love and to heal and to mend.

3 thoughts on “Learning Endurance”

  1. Through many dangers
    Toils and snares
    We have already come
    ‘Twas grace hath brought
    Us safe thus far
    And grace will lead us home

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