A Slower Pace

October 31, 2020

Remember days of carefree fun,
The smell of flowers, warmth of sun,

Relaxing in the perfect tree,
Or taking time to watch a bee?

A morning breeze, a gliding bike,
A stop by woods to take a hike,

Pine needle carpet ‘neath my feet,
A fallen log, I take a seat.

I hear the mockingbirds in song;
A crow decides to sing along.

A rabbit stops to sniff the air,
I make no sound, he’s unaware.

The pace was slow with time to play,
Another time, another day.

Perhaps once more I’ll slow my pace,
No need to rush, no need to race.

3 thoughts on “A Slower Pace”

  1. I’m on my 4th story on my lifetime memories. This would be the perfect poem to put at the beginning.

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