Life’s Often a Mess

October 14, 2020

Life seldom seems easy, it’s often a mess,
Sometimes my own doing if I must confess.

Other times stuff just happens beyond my control,
“Hang on and survive it” becomes my main goal.

Some lessons came easy while others I fought.
I pray I apply all my journey has taught.

Overcoming the obstacles life throws my way
Builds my trust in God’s Spirit to lead me each day.

He’ll help me through tough times I know are in store.
Lead me down a new pathway I’ve not walked before.

Each day’s a new journey. Each path that I take
Comes full of surprises and choices to make.

Decisions can challenge, define who I am.
Have I learned enough yet? Can I pass life’s exam?

I pray as I read and I study God’s Word,
That His Spirit will guide me to live what I’ve heard.

Backroads of Life

October 10, 2020

Do you long for some days on your back in the sun,
To rest and relax, when you’re not on the run,

A time to reflect and release any worry,
A time to recharge when you’re not in a hurry?

The memories of childhood, the sun on my face,
Saw shapes in the clouds as I stared into space.

Appointments and schedules, our cell phone and text
Demand our attention, control what comes next.

Sometimes a vacation is more of the same
So many activities listed by name.

I’ve lived in the fast lane but now I’ve slowed down.
I cherish the backroads of life that I’ve found.

The sun on my cheeks and wind on my face,
Reflections of glory I see at this pace,

A peaceful serenity, time with the Lord,
Infused with His Spirit, refreshed and restored.

For Your Ears Only

October 8, 2020

To those who know and heed His voice,
Who follow Christ, who’ve made the choice,

This rhyme’s especially for you.
You’ll understand and know it’s true.

If that’s not you, perhaps you need
To stop right now, not hear, not read.

If you’ve found Christ don’t lose your joy.
Don’t let the world your soul annoy.

The Spirit of the Lord’s inside.
Don’t let that fear and doubt reside.

Resist the urge, be worry free.
God’s in control, not you or me.

We know this life is not the end.
We know on Christ we can depend.

Be still and let the Lord today
Restore your joy and have His way.


October 5, 2020

How deep inside do I dare probe,
Allow my feelings to disrobe,

Explore the rooms behind locked doors?
Discarded memories line the floors,

Encased in dust, years of neglect,
Just cast aside, shown no respect.

Perhaps the years have brought to light
Some meaningful and new insight.

If past mistakes just go to waste
They’ll rot and leave a bitter taste.

Throw open doors, let in the sun,
Keep probing more, I’m still not done.

God knows my heart, no need to hide,
He’ll help make sense of what’s inside.

He heals me from the inside out,
Restores my joy, once more to shout.

Refresh Our Hearts

October 4, 2020

The darkness lingers, not yet light.
Soon early morn will nudge the night,

A treasured time of morning prayer,
A time to read, to write, to share.

I pray for friends and those I know.
I pray our hearts this day can glow.

Lord fill us up with joy inside;
Unloose the chains of guilt or pride.

I pray the leaders of our land
Can work together hand in hand.

Although they differ, Lord I plea,
They find a way they can agree.

I lift my voice this day to You,
Refresh our hearts like morning dew.

I pray we turn to You once more.
We need Your help again to soar.

Melodies of Joy

October 3, 2020

Embrace the truth that’s in God’s Word,
The purest songs you’ve ever heard.

Each word a note to form a score,
Each verse to last forever more.

Inside God’s Word are songs of old
That warm the heart when it’s grown cold.

You’ll hear the melodies of joy,
Those soothing words we still enjoy.

Some tunes are sad like some today.
They turned from God and lost their way.

So sweet the sound when they returned,
Embraced His love, their lesson learned.

His Word’s a song inside our heart.
It only takes one note to start.

His melodies and words are there.
They’ve been preserved for all to share.

Shine Through

October 2, 2020

Another week’s about to close.
How many more, guess no one knows.

It’s not how many days I live,
But what I do and what I give.

Do I let God shine through my life
When I face hardship, trouble, strife?

Though battle scarred does my heart sing,
Still pause to hear when church bells ring?

I’m touched by days now long since passed,
And by the shadows that they cast.

As echoes of my past subside,
It’s here and now that I reside.

The things I do and say this day
Touch other lives in some small way.

I pray this day that I can share
The love inside that God placed there.