Take Time

November 6, 2020

To sit and watch a puppy play,
To see her learn to come, to stay,

Reminds me of my need to learn,
To read, to write, and to discern.

When I take time to read and pray,
To start off with the Lord each day,

I find it helps to clear my mind,
Reflect upon the peace I find.

He never promised troubles end,
But said on Him I can depend.

If I give thanks, in good and bad,
Regardless if I’m happy, sad,

And count it joy inside my heart,
I’ll have each day a brand-new start.

I thank you Lord I have your Word,
And know each day my prayers are heard.

1 thought on “Take Time”

  1. Take time to be holy
    Speak oft with the Lord
    His blessings to seek
    Make friends with God’s children
    Help those who are weak.
    Spend time with Jesus
    In secret alone.
    Take time to be holy
    The world rushes on.
    Some of the words from an old hymn I was reminded of by this poem.
    Timely poem.
    Thank you, John.

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