Thuds and Duds

November 7, 2020

My goal’s to soar on eagle’s wings,
To capture thoughts that my heart sings.

Some days fall flat, I feel the thud,
The words don’t mesh, the rhyme’s a dud.

Even days the words don’t flow
I persevere because I know

There’s someone else who needs a lift
And I can offer them a gift.

Perhaps a word or two I write
Will help a heart to heal, take flight.

To share my heart, let others see,
To get a glimpse inside of me,

Perhaps will help another find
A ray of hope and peace of mind,

The hope that comes from God alone,
Through Jesus Christ, the cornerstone.

3 thoughts on “Thuds and Duds”

  1. I see something-hopeful and true-each time I read your daily offerings. Such good news about The Lord.

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