When I’m Allowed

November 11, 2020

I’ve been so long beneath this curse,
I pray it’s easing, won’t get worse.

What will I do when I’m allowed
To roam about, be in a crowd?

Some things I miss, can hardly wait
To give a hug, to congregate,

To freely mix with friends so dear,
To socialize, no guilt or fear,

Let others see and share a smile,
Take time to stop and talk a while,

Some leisure time, a breakfast place
With tables close, no need for space.

These common things seem long ago.
I pray that one day soon we’ll know

It’s safe to do the things we like,
No fear we’ll cause a graph to spike.

1 thought on “When I’m Allowed”

  1. We look forward to being in Church and with friends to hug also!!!!!
    We are on the same wavelength

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