Minds Fade

November 16, 2020

Lord help my mind stay fresh, not stale.
May it stay active, not grow frail.

My mind can comprehend your Word,
Discern what’s right from what’s absurd.

Lord through my mind you touched my soul;
You entered in and made me whole.

Your Holy Spirit lives in me
To lead and guide and help me see.

The mind is fickle, error prone,
Unlike the body’s flesh and bone.

Lord if my mind should ever fade,
The light grows dim, leaves me in shade,

I pray my soul’s still close to you,
Still knows Your name and trusts in You.

Lord You are with me to the end,
No matter what I comprehend.

2 thoughts on “Minds Fade”

  1. Thanks, John! You’ve addressed head-on the subject that we’re all aware of but hate to contemplate. Thanks for the comforting reminder that God has it all under control ❣️

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