November 15, 2020

I lift my prayers for those in pain.
I pray through suffering they gain

A special trust in You alone
As they come daily to Your throne,

From You gain strength each day to live,
Find joy that only You can give.

I pray that You provide a way
To ease their load of pain each day.

A lifelong illness takes a toll
Throughout the body, mind, and soul.

Lord grant me empathy I need
To share Your love in word and deed.

Sometimes I hang my head and sigh.
I trust You Lord, but still ask why.

I pray for wisdom, help me know
How to assist, let my love show.

Beyond Mediocrity

Lord lift me up above the fray,
And help me live beyond today.

Lord shine your light and help me see
Beyond mere mediocrity.

Lord grant me words that I may speak,
Instill the wisdom that I seek.

Lord free my mind that it may soar.
Lord fill my heart, let Your love pour.

I pray Your Spirit works in me
To liberate and set me free.

No matter what my circumstance
I pray my heart can sing and dance.

I pray this day I share Your joy,
That I find words I can employ

To spread the joy, the peace, the love
That You send down from up above.

Glimpses of Glory

November 13, 2020

The glimpses of glory I find in God’s Word
Reduce all my worries to trite and absurd.

My time here is bounded but one day I’ll see.
I’ll soon be unleashed in eternity, free.

My life here’s a temporal passage through time.
One day I’ll transition to new life sublime.

I pray that my time here on earth is well spent.
I pray I accomplish the tasks I am sent.

I pray that my time is not focused on me,
But rather on others whose needs I can see.

My time is made better if I can invest,
And focus on others and give them my best.

My soul finds contentment, my heart fills with hope,
My passion’s fulfilled if I help others cope.

I pray that the love of the Lord will shine through;
That the words that God planted will touch your heart too.

When I’m Allowed

November 11, 2020

I’ve been so long beneath this curse,
I pray it’s easing, won’t get worse.

What will I do when I’m allowed
To roam about, be in a crowd?

Some things I miss, can hardly wait
To give a hug, to congregate,

To freely mix with friends so dear,
To socialize, no guilt or fear,

Let others see and share a smile,
Take time to stop and talk a while,

Some leisure time, a breakfast place
With tables close, no need for space.

These common things seem long ago.
I pray that one day soon we’ll know

It’s safe to do the things we like,
No fear we’ll cause a graph to spike.

Time to Heal

November 10, 2020

The news looks good. A vaccine’s done.
Against the virus, have we won?

We have new hope, perhaps one day,
We’ll go outside, unmasked to play.

So many problems left to solve,
Will we emerge with strong resolve?

I think it’s time to end the hate,
Give thanks to God and celebrate,

Then plow ahead to heal our land,
Get on our knees, not take a stand.

The harsh debate’s been fierce and mean,
No middle ground, no in between.

Why must our choice be two extremes?
We’re torn apart or so it seems.

I’ve made my choice. I choose God’s way.
I choose the Lord, to Him I pray.


November 9, 2020

So who am I that I should write,
And hatch my words to see the light?

If I take time to write and share,
Will words take flight, go anywhere?

What makes some rhymes take off and soar,
While others fall upon the floor?

Is it the clever use of rhyme,
Or making sure words stay in time?

Perhaps it’s words shared from the heart
That sets the words and lines apart.

If words I write share what I feel,
And what I write for me is real,

Perhaps those words that I give birth
Have more validity and worth.

Shared ups and downs along the way
That form the words and what I say,

That share my pain or joy or hope,
I pray help others better cope.

Thuds and Duds

November 7, 2020

My goal’s to soar on eagle’s wings,
To capture thoughts that my heart sings.

Some days fall flat, I feel the thud,
The words don’t mesh, the rhyme’s a dud.

Even days the words don’t flow
I persevere because I know

There’s someone else who needs a lift
And I can offer them a gift.

Perhaps a word or two I write
Will help a heart to heal, take flight.

To share my heart, let others see,
To get a glimpse inside of me,

Perhaps will help another find
A ray of hope and peace of mind,

The hope that comes from God alone,
Through Jesus Christ, the cornerstone.

Take Time

November 6, 2020

To sit and watch a puppy play,
To see her learn to come, to stay,

Reminds me of my need to learn,
To read, to write, and to discern.

When I take time to read and pray,
To start off with the Lord each day,

I find it helps to clear my mind,
Reflect upon the peace I find.

He never promised troubles end,
But said on Him I can depend.

If I give thanks, in good and bad,
Regardless if I’m happy, sad,

And count it joy inside my heart,
I’ll have each day a brand-new start.

I thank you Lord I have your Word,
And know each day my prayers are heard.

Live Our Song

November 5, 2020

Lord help me reach inside of me
To find the songs and set them free.

So many songs inside my heart,
Each one unique and set apart.

I pray the words that I write down
Reflect the joy and peace I’ve found.

I pray my songs help others find
The person, Lord, that You designed.

Uniquely formed from all the rest,
Lord set them free to be their best.

We’ve each been blessed with gifts and song
For us to sing our whole life long.

Help me to live my song today.
Lord tune my heart and words I say.

I’m no one else, I’m only me.
I thank you Lord I’ve been set free.

Time Change

November 1, 2020

Another hour to reclaim,
I think this one will be the same.

It’s tucked away in dead of night.
I slept right through without a fight.

So many clocks to rearrange.
My body knows that something’s strange.

Internal clocks are hard to set,
Not just for me but for my pet.

Hard to accept that then is now,
It’s just not natural somehow.

Who started this, thought it was good?
Who were the ones who thought we should?

To me it seems a bit insane.
If all of us start raising Cain,

Perhaps they’ll end this yearly game.
It’s time we let time stay the same.