Almost Gone

December 31, 2020

Almost Gone

Perhaps I’ll write a line or two
But keep it short, just write a few,

Perhaps today, not say a lot.
Or then again, perhaps I’ll not.

This year I’ve written more than most.
Perhaps today’s a time to coast.

Perhaps I’ll finish out the year
And keep it slow in lower gear.

A day to let this strange year end.
It’s not a year I’d call my friend.

When it is gone, I will not grieve.
I’m rather glad to see it leave.

Whatever this new year may bring
I pray the COVID’s done by spring.

I’ll once again be free to hug
And have no fear I’ll spread a bug.

A Fitting End

December 30, 2020

A cold and rainy winter wind
To give this year a fitting end.

A bitter year we had to fight.
Through darkened days we searched for light.

Some newfound heroes, quite a few
Emerged to give as COVID grew.

We honor those who gave their all.
Who make us proud, stand straight and tall.

I pray that those from out of town,
Who came to steal and burn it down,

Would see the light and they would learn
It does no good to loot and burn.

A crisis brings the best, the worst.
I pray that we’re more blessed than cursed.

I pray once more we learn to live,
Assess our worth by what we give.

Better Days

December 28, 2020

I come to You my Lord in prayer.
I know You hear. I know You care.

I pray for peace and joy this year,
An end to riots, plagues, and fear.

I pray this year brings better days,
That we seek truth and mend our ways.

Restore our vision, give us sight,
That we once more can see what’s right.

We were not made to live in fear.
I pray it’s words from You we hear.

I pray this year we learn to live
And find new ways to love and give.

I pray Your people in our land
Who show compassion, lend a hand,

Will lead the way and turn the tide.
Let love endure and hate subside.

Winter Season

December 26, 2020

The presence of winter transitioned from fall
Stirs visions from childhood now hard to recall.

It seems only yesterday, warmed by the sun,
I was running and playing, and just having fun.

A child without worry whose days were carefree,
So much to explore and so much left to see.

The seasons, the passages swept through my life,
Soon grown and a husband of my lovely wife.

How quickly the seasons of life seem to change.
I see it in nature it shouldn’t seem strange.

The wind strips the trees, now the branches are bare.
A warm winter coat blocks the chill in the air.

My walk now is slower, my joints creak a bit.
It must be my winter though hard to admit.

I know from the mirror that I’m growing old,
The warmth in my heart I pray never grows cold.

Christmas Day

December 25, 2020

Good morning y’all, it’s Christmas Day.
I send my words of love your way.

I pray your heart’s with ones you love,
The ones still here and those above.

We’ll always have them in our heart,
The ones nearby, those far apart.

Once in our heart we’ve made a place,
Love knows no bounds of time or space.

A Christmas Carol long ago
Portrayed a Scrooge who came to know

It’s not about our gold or gain.
If there’s no love our life’s in vain.

The measure of how well we live
Is how much love we find to give.

I pray our hearts fill to the top.
May we share love and never stop.

Never Old

December 24, 2020

Angelic voices Christmas Eve
Sang “Hallelujah, earth receive

The Son of God who’s born this night.”
O’er Bethlehem a star shown bright.

We read the story, never old.
So many years it’s been retold.

The Christmas songs this time of year
Reflect the words we long to hear,

Of peace on earth, good will to men.
No room for Mary at the Inn,

Inside the manger she gave birth.
The newborn King who made the earth,

Who made the stars shine in the sky,
Who with the Father reigned on high,

Became a man that we might live.
The greatest gift that one could give.

Draw Near

December 22, 2020

Is this the day the well runs dry,
Or will I rhyme until I die?

I’m never sure there’s more to say,
But then a thought will come my way.

I sense the words are meant for me
But I don’t mind if others see.

It seems to help me when I share
Like when my lungs breathe clean fresh air.

Connecting feelings with my mind
Helps heart and soul stay intertwined.

The time I spend with God in prayer
Compels me more to write and share.

I pray the words of rhyme I write
Reflect God’s love and shine His light.

I pray as Christmas Day draws near
That every song you sing and hear

Will bring you joy and fill your heart
With love from God that won’t depart.

Gifts from the Heart

December 21, 2020

It’s not the gifts tied up with lace,
The perfect wrap, each fold in place,

That makes a gift that stands apart,
But rather love that’s from the heart.

A gift can be a word or deed,
A selfless act to meet a need.

A cursive note that’s penned by hand
Shared from the heart can be quite grand.

Perhaps just time to sit and talk,
Stroll in the park, a leisure walk,

Is what we need and crave the most.
At Christmas time we love to host

An open house, a come and go,
For neighbors and the friends we know.

I miss the hugs, perhaps next year
We’ll once again have others near.

Tiny Ripples

December 20, 2020

When just a lad the days inched by.
Now up in years they seem to fly.

A day made up a chunk back then,
A decent slice from start to end.

But now a day is but a drop
A tiny ripple made on top.

My bucket’s full of days now past,
So hard to hold, they go so fast.

I’m grateful for these precious few
Remaining days left to accrue.

I pray the moments spent in rhyme
End up a worthy use of time.

At least I exercise my brain,
Not likely to incur a sprain.

My rhymes are offered as a gift.
I pray they give to some a lift.

Sharing Christmas

Thanksgiving’s behind us, and Christmas draws near,
Tradition reminds us to be of good cheer.

Why break with tradition? Let’s still find a way
To celebrate Christmas beginning today.

We’ll play all the music passed down through the years,
Let the One in the manger dispel any fears.

The words and the music seem different somehow,
A year full of changes has brought us to now.

It’s not about holly or wreaths on the door,
But sharing and caring. Love others once more.

We’re forced to consider what’s important to keep
And clean out the clutter that makes our life cheap.

It’s not about treasure we gather on earth
That gives our life value or measures its worth.

I pray we find Christmas each day that we live.
It’s not about getting, but what we can give.