Echoes of the Past

December 2, 2020

When I wander the hallways inside of my mind,
I’m always intrigued by the things that I find.

Sometimes it’s a treasure, a stone or a gem,
Sometimes it’s a thought long since dormant and dim.

There are so many rooms with so much tucked away.
Some rooms are enticing, I linger and stay,

Some only echoes of things long ago,
I can’t quite discern the faint whispers too low.

Should I rid them of cobwebs and sweep each room clean,
No dust or debris, just all shiny, pristine?

Perhaps it’s not clutter just taking up space,
Instead an antique I should leave in its place.

I’m amazed what I find and how long it can last.
So much of my present is shaped by my past.

It’s nice to find comfort in mem’ries of old.
They’re warm like a blanket to keep out the cold.

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