Sharing Christmas

Thanksgiving’s behind us, and Christmas draws near,
Tradition reminds us to be of good cheer.

Why break with tradition? Let’s still find a way
To celebrate Christmas beginning today.

We’ll play all the music passed down through the years,
Let the One in the manger dispel any fears.

The words and the music seem different somehow,
A year full of changes has brought us to now.

It’s not about holly or wreaths on the door,
But sharing and caring. Love others once more.

We’re forced to consider what’s important to keep
And clean out the clutter that makes our life cheap.

It’s not about treasure we gather on earth
That gives our life value or measures its worth.

I pray we find Christmas each day that we live.
It’s not about getting, but what we can give.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Christmas”

  1. A super important line, ” I pray we find Christmas each day that we live” by what we can give. I just got a reminder by one of our Grandsons, about what Mike and I shared with him, he is now sharing one of those memories with his 2 little boys. These kinds of gifts referred to in your poem just keeps giving.

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