Winter Season

December 26, 2020

The presence of winter transitioned from fall
Stirs visions from childhood now hard to recall.

It seems only yesterday, warmed by the sun,
I was running and playing, and just having fun.

A child without worry whose days were carefree,
So much to explore and so much left to see.

The seasons, the passages swept through my life,
Soon grown and a husband of my lovely wife.

How quickly the seasons of life seem to change.
I see it in nature it shouldn’t seem strange.

The wind strips the trees, now the branches are bare.
A warm winter coat blocks the chill in the air.

My walk now is slower, my joints creak a bit.
It must be my winter though hard to admit.

I know from the mirror that I’m growing old,
The warmth in my heart I pray never grows cold.

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