A Fitting End

December 30, 2020

A cold and rainy winter wind
To give this year a fitting end.

A bitter year we had to fight.
Through darkened days we searched for light.

Some newfound heroes, quite a few
Emerged to give as COVID grew.

We honor those who gave their all.
Who make us proud, stand straight and tall.

I pray that those from out of town,
Who came to steal and burn it down,

Would see the light and they would learn
It does no good to loot and burn.

A crisis brings the best, the worst.
I pray that we’re more blessed than cursed.

I pray once more we learn to live,
Assess our worth by what we give.

1 thought on “A Fitting End”

  1. Love your poem about 2020. Anxious to see what you write about 2021. Hoping we will have learned the value of getting to see, hug & kiss our family & friends.

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