Christmas Nostalgia

November 28, 2020

I love to write at Christmas time,
Sit back, relax and pen a rhyme.

Remember those who’ve gone before,
Who now are part of Christmas lore.

Remember days from long ago.
Hear carols play, see candles glow.

I smell the holly and the pine,
The Christmas trees with lights that shine.

Nostalgia and traditions grow,
With winter scenes complete with snow.

The carolers outside my door
I smile and ask, “Please sing one more.”

A fireplace, a crackling log,
A blanket and some spicy nog.

Fond memories of Christmas past
Preserved for now, I pray they last.

Another Realm

November 28, 2020

One day I’ll see, not just with eyes,
To Heaven’s gate with angels rise.

Where warmed by Jesus’ shining light
I’ll see in full as He gives sight.

I’ll see beyond the sun, the moon
His light will radiate like noon.

No need for clocks to measure time
An endless peace and joy sublime.

My work on earth will then be through.
I’ll be set free to life brand new.

Like nothing else I’ve known before,
I’ll live with Him forever more.

I know not what that future brings,
I only know of earthly things.

One day the Lord will call me home
Another realm in which to roam.

Some Day

November 28, 2020

The day will come, we’ll roam about.
We’ll be set free to hug and shout.

No longer locked inside our home,
Where will we go? Where shall we roam?

If we’re set free, immune this spring,
I’ll pack the car; we’ll have a fling.

Perhaps another Branson trip,
We’ll see some shows down on the strip.

Perhaps Hot Springs to soak our bones,
We’ll just relax, turn off our phones.

We’ll make our journey to the ark,
Take in the sights, walk in the park.

When summer hits and it gets hot,
We’ll travel to a cooler spot,

Refreshing feel of mountain breeze
That filters through the aspen trees.

For now we’re warm and safe inside,
Content with you here by my side.


December 19, 2020

The morning sun obscured by cloud
That covers me much like a shroud.

Yet I find joy inside my heart
To greet the day, and let it start.

It is a special time of year
As Christmas Day is drawing near.

I love to see the lights that glow,
Front doors adorned with wreath and bow.

The manger, Joseph, Mary, child
Adorn the lawns and bring a smile.

The songs of Christmas fill the air,
A music box, a cozy chair.

Warm cider brewing on the stove,
The smell of cinnamon and clove,

The sights, the sounds I’ve known before,
The smells and tastes that I adore,

Reminders of the newborn King.
I pray you know of whom we sing.

The Specialist

December 17, 2020

The Lord has numbered all my days.
My rhymes provide one way to praise.

I cannot heal a broken heart,
Or mend a life that’s torn apart,

But I can point you to a man,
A specialist I know who can.

I call Him often, every day
He’s always there hears what I say.

He’s given many friends I know
An inner peace, they even glow.

His comes with references galore,
So many words, and songs, and more.

The Bible’s THE bestselling book
I recommend it, have a look.

Our calendar reflects his name,
Identifies the year he came,

A holiday when he was born,
Another for his crown of thorn.

Call out to him, you need no phone.
Why try to live this life alone?


December 17, 2020

The Christmas songs this time of year
Proclaim the message loud and clear.

We celebrate a baby’s birth
That starry night He came to earth.

No marbled palace for a king,
The shepherds heard the angels sing.

Among the cows with rags for clothes,
A humble birth is what He chose.

Three wise men traveled from afar.
They journeyed west led by a star.

They offered up the gifts they brought.
They knew they’d found the one they sought.

Yet even now we know His name,
Throughout the earth we still proclaim,

God sent His one and only Son.
Give thanks to God for what He’s done.

Set Free

December 16, 2020

Another morning with my pen,
I try to write from deep within.

Perhaps I’ll find and mend a hole.
Perhaps I’ll touch another soul.

Lord help me see the truth today.
Reveal where I have gone astray.

Lord help me walk, know where to go.
Provide the words, Your love to show.

So many hurting, needing You,
I pray for words to help a few.

Perhaps a rhyme can plant a seed
That sprouts when tears reveal a need.

Perhaps a rhyme much like a song,
A tune that’s been there all along,

A melody that helps us see
Your love, the truth that sets us free.

Seasons of the Past

So many Christmases ago
When I was young with eyes aglow,

I’d wake up early, check the tree
To see what Santa left for me.

The years flew by, the seasons changed.
Priorities were rearranged.

Soon came the days when I was grown,
And had a family of my own.

My wife and I on Christmas morn
Sat near the tree, now all adorned.

We’d sip our coffee, reminisce,
Exchange a Christmas morning kiss,

Hear little feet come down the hall.
Such precious mem’ries to recall.

The seasons change, our daughter’s grown.
Her children too are on their own.

This time of year highlights the past,
Accentuates the things that last,

The love of family and friends.
The seasons change, love never ends.

A Different Pace

December 14, 2020

The early days of my career
I kept the pace, always high gear.

I helped develop and invent.
So many days and nights I spent.

I fed the furnace of my soul
The red-hot heat of burning coal.

My life back then a raging fire,
Fulfill my passion and desire.

My furnace now is just a glow
It keeps me warm, but flames are low.

My life is different than before.
I’ll trust the Lord for what’s in store.

For now, I’ll shelter here in place.
Adjust to life at this new pace.

How many chapters left to write,
How many words left to recite,

Are up to God. He’s in control.
To be with Him, my final goal.

Melancholy Warning

December 13, 2020

Most days I write words meant for me.
I later ask, “Should others see?”

If words I write share how I feel
Can they perhaps help others heal?

I never know if I should share.
Although exposed and feeling bare,

I choose to share the good, the bad,
And even days I’m feeling sad.

Like mushrooms sadness thrives in shade.
I shine the light and pray they fade.

Beware before you read much more,
Today that’s what you have in store.

The melancholy rhyme I wrote
I thought should have a warning note.

I thought that you should be aware
Sometimes it’s sadness that I share.

Perhaps today you can relate
If not, stop here, it’s not too late.

Melancholy Days

Some days the clouds make dark my sky.
I seldom know the reason why.

I pray the darkness won’t last long.
I pray that soon it will be gone.

I pray the sadness in my heart
Will not survive, will soon depart.

Does melancholy have a cure,
Or is it something to endure?

Perhaps it’s life in this cocoon.
Will I emerge? I pray it’s soon.

It’s cold and dark I long for spring.
Perhaps I’ll have a song to sing.

I’ve been so long inside this cave,
Can I hang on, stay strong and brave?

Will I emerge a butterfly,
Extend my wings into the sky?

I have the Lord to get me through.
In Him I trust. His Word is true.