Traces of the Past

December 12, 2020

So many scenes inside my mind
For me to probe and search to find

A memory to bring me joy,
A moment I can re-enjoy.

The people, places, deeds long past
Are part of me their traces last.

The things I do, the words I say
Today live on they’re here to stay.

The feelings that my words impart
Can touch another person’s heart,

And bring to mind their scenes of old,
More precious than a pot of gold.

I pray my words help you today
To probe beyond what they convey,

To journey back through time and space,
Walk with the Lord, feel His embrace.

Frame of Mind

December 11, 2020

It’s hard to listen to the news
I need a break to shun the blues.

In times like these to ease the stress
From focusing on all the mess,

I take the time to read and pray,
And thank the Lord He made a way.

It helps to change my frame of mind.
God cared enough for all mankind

He sent His Son, a baby boy.
He is my life, my source of joy.

The angels sang, “God’s come to earth.”
We sing and celebrate His birth.

This year we’re blessed, a special sign
When in the sky, two worlds align.

Look west to see the star shine bright.
I pray we’re wise and see the light.

God Ordained

December 9, 2020

Most days are ordinary days,
More of the same in many ways.

A day that leaves no special mark,
Another day of light and dark.

Life rolls along, no change of pace,
We deal with challenges we face.

We chart our course. We have a plan.
We navigate as best we can.

For some a sudden change, a turn
They may not see but later learn

That through events they cannot name,
Their life will never be the same.

A turning point, that they now see
Has changed their life, their destiny.

It’s not a hill they chose to climb,
But at the top, the view’s sublime.

They know those days were God ordained.
Now flowers bloom where once it rained.

Angelic Echoes

December 7, 2020

This cherished season of the year
We sense the angels drawing near.

Be still and hear the songs they sing.
Inhale the peace and joy they bring.

We hear them echo harmony,
Proclaim the ageless destiny

That long ago has been foretold.
Their message lives, does not grow old.

They celebrate that virgin birth
When heaven’s Light came down to earth.

Repeat the news the newborn King
Born on that day, of Him we sing.

We celebrate the Son of man
Who left His throne, fulfilled the plan.

He came to earth to save mankind.
A greater love we’ll never find.

Christmas Joy

December 5, 2020

I don’t know who will read this rhyme,
Your circumstance, the place, or time.

You may be lonely, hurting, sad,
Perhaps you’re joyful, happy, glad.

I pray the songs you sing and hear
Will lift your spirit, bring you cheer.

I pray this Christmas you find peace
And in your heart may joy increase.

I can’t reach out and take your hand,
But pray you know and understand,

The One whose birth we celebrate,
Who made the way to Heaven’s gate.

The shepherds heard the angels sing
And share the joy, “Good news we bring.”

He is the Christ sent from above,
Who gave Himself for us in love.

Words for Today

December 3, 2020

I love this early time of day
To search my soul for words to say.

I’m never sure just what I’ll write.
Some lift me up, soar like a kite,

While others take me down a hole
Into the depths inside my soul.

Some days bring sadness and despair.
I pray my words show loving care.

Some days come filled with joy and song.
I pray my words there too belong.

No matter what the day may bring,
I pray I have a song to sing.

I pray my words lift hearts now low,
Encourage them once more to glow.

I pray their joy returns once more
With wings outstretched again to soar.

Echoes of the Past

December 2, 2020

When I wander the hallways inside of my mind,
I’m always intrigued by the things that I find.

Sometimes it’s a treasure, a stone or a gem,
Sometimes it’s a thought long since dormant and dim.

There are so many rooms with so much tucked away.
Some rooms are enticing, I linger and stay,

Some only echoes of things long ago,
I can’t quite discern the faint whispers too low.

Should I rid them of cobwebs and sweep each room clean,
No dust or debris, just all shiny, pristine?

Perhaps it’s not clutter just taking up space,
Instead an antique I should leave in its place.

I’m amazed what I find and how long it can last.
So much of my present is shaped by my past.

It’s nice to find comfort in mem’ries of old.
They’re warm like a blanket to keep out the cold.