Daily Walk

January 31, 2020

I come to You Lord in the dark before dawn,
You don’t mind my fog or occasional yawn.

You look on the inside, commune with my heart.
In your Word I find wisdom and sometimes a dart.

You get my attention when I feel the prick.
Your Words hit the mark and I pray that they stick.

I pray I learn daily to walk in Your will.
It’s easy to stumble and slide down the hill.

When I fall, You’re beside me, You help me to stand,
Continue my journey, take hold of Your hand.

I’m slow but You patiently help me to learn.
You give me directions point out every turn.

Why do I wander and go my own way,
Allow other people to lead me astray?

There’s no other person who cares for me more.
You gave Your life freely so others can soar.

Heart Words

January 30, 2021

Sometimes I wonder when I share,
Will someone read, or hear, or care?

The words that form from deep inside,
Should they be shared or put aside?

If I express the way I feel,
Will words touch others, help them heal?

I don’t attack with hateful words,
Or parrot gossip I have heard.

I try to share my thoughts in love,
Words softly cooing like a dove.

Once I expose words from the heart,
Write them down and they depart,

I pray they reach someone in need,
They touch a heart or plant a seed.

I pray my words convey the love
Put in my soul from God above.

Daily Feast

January 29, 2021

I’m ready Lord. What shall I pen?
I long to share from deep within.

Like soup, words thin, when near the top.
Lord plunge the ladle ’til it stops.

Bring up the meat, not just the stock.
Lord as I feast, Your Word unlock.

You nourish me, You feed my soul.
Without You Lord I can’t be whole.

I eat and drink to stay alive,
My spirit needs Your Word to thrive.

I daily Lord can have my fill,
Eat at Your table, seek Your will.

I’m grateful Lord for every bite.
I taste Your love, infused with light.

I pray Your Word takes root in me,
Springs up inside to set me free.


January 28, 2021

Do I have chains attached to me,
Invisible that I don’t see,

Chains that keep me bound, restrained?
I don’t remember being chained.

I guess the chain formed link by link,
Became a part of how I think.

Why stay in chains? I can be free.
They need not be a part of me.

I’ll cast them off, leave them behind,
Set free my heart, my soul, my mind,

Set free to let God’s love flow through.
Perhaps you have some chains on you.

Some bitterness, a past event,
A memory that won’t relent.

Chains from the past can hold us back.
Relentless iron provides no slack.

Learn from the past then let it go.
Get on with life, see blessings flow.

One Way I Pray

January 27, 2021

I read, I rhyme, my way to pray,
To reach inside for what to say.

I pray my words are pleasing Lord,
Convey to You that You’re adored.

You give me strength, my life, my breath.
You give me peace, no fear of death.

You light my path, You lead my way,
I trust You with my life each day.

Each day Your Word is fresh and new,
Each day, in prayer, I come to You.

I pray this day You free my mind,
To leave my troubles all behind.

I pray this day I hear Your Word,
And tune my heart to what I’ve heard.

I pray for all who read this rhyme,
That some are drawn to You in time.

Work in Progress

January 26, 2021

There’s more inside I’ve yet to find.
Self-centeredness can keep me blind.

I pray each day that I will see
More of the Lord and less of me.

The more surrendered I become
The more He rids me of the scum

That covers walls and blocks the light.
Lord grant me wisdom, courage, sight,

The wisdom when I read your Word
To understand the words I’ve heard,

The courage, Lord, to search inside,
Not be afraid and try to hide.

I pray Your light in me can shine.
I’m just a branch, Lord You’re the vine.

I pray there’s progress every day
As You transform this lump of clay.

A Nudge

January 25, 2021

Sometimes I’m stubborn, just won’t budge,
God knows I need more than a nudge.

Lord help me train my heart to hear
The Holy Spirit in my ear.

Lord help me daily stay on track.
If I veer off, please nudge me back.

I’m prone to chase a rabbit trail,
Lord help me see and not derail.

Inside your Word are lessons learned
By those who strayed, their heads were turned.

I pray I keep my eyes on You,
Each day Your Word is fresh and new.

Lord hold my hand and guide my way,
And help me form the words to say

To light the path that leads to You.
Your love is strong. Your Word is true.

Seek Truth

January 24, 2021

I seek the truth inside God’s Word.
I pray my ears and heart have heard.

The Holy Spirit brings to light
The truth in which I can delight.

He also whispers to reveal
What’s in my soul that He can heal.

A quiet time to read and pray.
Like food, I need it every day.

The more I read, the more I yearn
To know the truth, so much to learn.

This side of Heaven we have tears,
We know temptations, hate, and fears.

Yet Jesus came to give new life.
We’re bound with ropes, He is the knife.

I pray you also know His love,
And know you’ll be with Him above.

Rejoice in Hope

January 23, 2021

Good morning Lord, I come in prayer,
I’m grateful Lord that I can share.

You know my heart, each part of me,
I pray each day You help me see.

Lord as I read help me receive
With open heart, Your words perceive.

Lord help me probe inside my soul
Explore the depths to find Your gold.

I know no treasures here on earth
Will be the measure of my worth.

I pray Your Spirit guides my pen
To write the truth from deep within.

Lord help me share Your truth in rhyme
To help us through this troubled time.

Though days are dark, Lord help us cope,
And in our hearts, rejoice in hope.