January 5, 2021

I’m not too keen on politics,
But something’s wrong we need to fix.

I think our leadership’s gone mad.
Their rhetoric just makes me sad.

When they attempt to ban a word,
They’ve gone too far, they’ve reached absurd.

Whoever thought we’d need free speech
To talk about the ones who teach,

The mothers, fathers in our land
Who hold their son’s and daughter’s hand?

Whoever thought that we’d offend
With heartfelt prayers then say amen?

They’ve pushed the limit, gone astray
To use Awoman when they pray.

We’ve gone too far, we’ve lost our way
When leaders censor what they say.

It’s time to pray, confess the wrong.
Lord lead us back where we belong.

4 thoughts on “Absurd”

  1. Your poem brings me to some questions.

    Do you think it’s possible for America to go back the way it was?
    Is it possible for people to see the he truth and come back to Biblical thinking?
    Is there any way I can influence that?
    Am I really listening to the Holy Spirit in me?
    Am I willing to repent of my own sin and seek God’s will for me?
    Am I willing to be obedient and do the next right thing even if f it’s just serve those around me in the joy of the Lord?
    Am I willing to love others with the same love that God loves me?

  2. Amen.
    To be constant in their rational Awomen.
    Their contention Amen has some kind of gender implication is not supported by rules of grammar. If referring to gender would be Aman. As they have recognized by advancing Awoman. What nonsense.
    To me Amen will always mean the end and or agreement.

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