Spread the Word

January 11, 2021

Spread the Word

It’s time to let the Lord back in,

Let heaven’s light shine once again.

We’ve tried to live another way,

Ignore the words He had to say.

Believed a lie that we know best.

I’ve not met one who’s passed the test.

By bread alone we cannot live.

The Lord has so much more to give.

Lord only You can make us whole,

Restore our joy and touch our soul.

I pray once more we turn to You,

Incline our hearts to seek what’s true.

Let’s lift our voices to the Lord,

And all sing out in one accord.

We’ll lift our voices, sing again,

“You’re welcome Lord, please come back in.”

Now spread the word throughout the land.

“God’s in control. He can’t be banned.”

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