Heart Words

January 30, 2021

Sometimes I wonder when I share,
Will someone read, or hear, or care?

The words that form from deep inside,
Should they be shared or put aside?

If I express the way I feel,
Will words touch others, help them heal?

I don’t attack with hateful words,
Or parrot gossip I have heard.

I try to share my thoughts in love,
Words softly cooing like a dove.

Once I expose words from the heart,
Write them down and they depart,

I pray they reach someone in need,
They touch a heart or plant a seed.

I pray my words convey the love
Put in my soul from God above.

1 thought on “Heart Words”

  1. Mike and I not only use your words for growth, but also share with others.

    Mike and Marta

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