Daily Walk

January 31, 2020

I come to You Lord in the dark before dawn,
You don’t mind my fog or occasional yawn.

You look on the inside, commune with my heart.
In your Word I find wisdom and sometimes a dart.

You get my attention when I feel the prick.
Your Words hit the mark and I pray that they stick.

I pray I learn daily to walk in Your will.
It’s easy to stumble and slide down the hill.

When I fall, You’re beside me, You help me to stand,
Continue my journey, take hold of Your hand.

I’m slow but You patiently help me to learn.
You give me directions point out every turn.

Why do I wander and go my own way,
Allow other people to lead me astray?

There’s no other person who cares for me more.
You gave Your life freely so others can soar.

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