Void of a Tune

February 1, 2021

Can I capture the music that forms in my heart?
Can I write down the words, so they never depart?

Why just the words and not melodies too?
If a melody formed, I’m not sure what I’d do.

Rhyme and rhythm come easy it seems I’ve a knack.
If I tried to add music would it hold me back?

I don’t read or write music and barely can sing.
I don’t play a note, it’s just lyrics I bring.

If the Lord gives me music for sharing someday,
I am confident God will provide me a way

To capture the music one note at a time,
Align with the rhythm and flow with the rhyme.

If God makes a way and I hear music too,
I’ll be eager to capture it, share it with you.

Until then I’ll share poetry void of a tune.
You’ll just hear the words spoken; I’ll not try to croon.

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