Quietly Sharing

February 2, 2021

How I cherish the quiet time spent with the Lord.
Just quietly sharing, there’s nothing to hoard.

Just waiting to see what He writes on my heart,
What He whispers inside me that I can impart.

Sometimes as I listen and silently pray,
A word or a picture, some vivid, some gray,

Will stir me to capture that image in rhyme.
If I’m quiet and patient the words form in time.

I ask the Lord’s blessing as words find their place,
As I listen for rhythm and cadence and pace.

I pray my words always are pleasing to God.
Sometimes words come gently, sometimes with a prod.

I pray that I’m open and share from inside,
Perhaps help another in God to confide.

He’s always available, always around.
If we quietly seek Him, He’s easily found.

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