A Quiet Path

February 18, 2021

Some days I need to take a stroll,
Share time with God and bare my soul.

Sometimes I go just in my mind
To some secluded spot I find.

A quiet path amidst the trees,
The sun, the leaves, a gentle breeze,

The water flowing in the brook,
I find a bench tucked in a nook.

I rest my head look toward the sky,
Lord will You ever tell me why?

I thank you Lord my wife pulled through
For that I’m grateful Lord to You.

But why must she endure the pain?
What is it Lord that we’re to gain?

Is it to grow in empathy,
Or something else we’re yet to see?

Is it to learn to trust You more,
A trust that’s deep within our core?

I pray that soon she’ll heal and mend,
This painful patch comes to an end.

I pray for peace that You can bring
That soon our hearts again will sing.

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Path”

  1. My how blessed your wife is to have a hubby, who writes poems to her & about her. I love this one. Most question our Lord in times of stress & try to find His will for us. I love your poem & writings. Thanks for sharing.

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