Body, Mind

February 19, 2021

They seem distinct the body, mind,
And yet they’re both so intertwined.

If one should fade and fail me first,
I’m not quite sure which one’s the worst,

A mind intact, alive, alert
Inside a body full of hurt.

Or mind that’s lost what It once knew,
And can’t discern what’s real and true,

Inside a body lean and strong,
But senses that there’s something wrong.

At times the body won’t respond,
The mind and body lose their bond.

I know the mind and body fade.
They each grow old, they both degrade.

We now replace a body part,
And even add a beating heart,

Yet don’t know why the mind should go,
I pray that soon research will know.

I pray for those who live with pain.
I don’t know why. I can’t explain.

I pray for all who must endure.
I pray one day we find a cure.

I pray the Lord will grant you peace,
Your mind can soar, your pain decrease.

2 thoughts on “Body, Mind”

  1. So poignant. My mom always used to say she couldn’t stand losing her mind. It turns out she can. And it’s a blessing that she lost mobility at the same time, otherwise she’d be getting lost all the time like her dad did. As it is, she is loved and safe and, thankfully, has kept her sweet, sweet spirit, which, in her case, was much more important than either mind or body.

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