May You Find Love

February 26, 2021

May your days in the sunshine exceed those in rain.
May you find peace in small things and days free of pain.
May your smile be contagious as you share your joy.
May others be touched like a child with a toy.

May the love that’s inside you spill out, overflow.
May many be helped by the kindness you show.
May the lives that you touch be inspired to reach out
To show love to others, it’s what life’s about.

May you find joy in giving to help those in need
Of someone to comfort, to listen, take heed.
May the lonely find comfort when you lend an ear,
As they share the stories, they need you to hear.

May your eyes show compassion, the love from inside,
That must find an outlet, refuses to hide.
By sharing with others and spreading your love,
I pray you find peace and God’s joy from above.

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