January 14, 2020

Time alone to start my day,
To talk to God, to read and pray,

Help give each day a brand-new start,
But we’re not made to live apart.

I value time I spend with friends.
It helps me see through different lens.

We each have traveled different roads.
We each have carried different loads.

We share our stories from the heart,
Remember them when we’re apart.

The points of view we each reflect
Are different, yet we show respect.

We laugh and joke, we tell a few,
They’re mostly old, but some are new.

It’s something that I recommend,
Invest the time to make a friend.

Paint Me Odd

January 13, 2021

Sometimes it seems I’m out of place,
It’s not my home, I’ve been displaced.

The words I heard when I was young
Have been subdued, no longer sung.

Where are the songs of love and peace?
Do they still live, or have they ceased?

I love old songs that soothe the soul,
That warm the heart when it’s grown cold.

I often yearn for good ole days,
We did our work, gave God the praise.

We loved our neighbors, common folk,
We showed respect each time we spoke.

The times were hard, we all pitched in,
And treated folks like next of kin.

I love my family, country, God,
If that seems strange, then paint me odd.


January 12, 2020

I hope that we can end the hate,
And show respect when we debate,

Present each different point of view,
And only share what’s real and true.

I long once more for evening news
That represents the different views,

Reports without a biased slant,
Just gives the facts without the rant,

When all the platforms on the net
Stop their attempts to choose and vet.

Suppressing posts that disagree
Will cause the masses soon to flee.

To disagree is not so wrong,
Sometimes we sing a different song.

I wish all sides could have a word,
Let everyone be fairly heard.

I try to give my point of view
With love to show respect for you.

Spread the Word

January 11, 2021

Spread the Word

It’s time to let the Lord back in,

Let heaven’s light shine once again.

We’ve tried to live another way,

Ignore the words He had to say.

Believed a lie that we know best.

I’ve not met one who’s passed the test.

By bread alone we cannot live.

The Lord has so much more to give.

Lord only You can make us whole,

Restore our joy and touch our soul.

I pray once more we turn to You,

Incline our hearts to seek what’s true.

Let’s lift our voices to the Lord,

And all sing out in one accord.

We’ll lift our voices, sing again,

“You’re welcome Lord, please come back in.”

Now spread the word throughout the land.

“God’s in control. He can’t be banned.”

Beyond Today

January 10, 2021

Lord help me see beyond today.
So many Lord who try to sway,

To push me toward some point of view.
Lord help my keep my eyes on You.

May confidence and not despair
Invade my soul when life’s unfair.

Remind me Lord, You’re in control,
Abide in You, my constant goal.

Lord help me probe with eyes to see
Inside my soul the tendency

To fall in line, go with the crowd.
I pray instead I make You proud.

Lord help me focus not on gain
But rather what I can attain

To lift You up and glorify
The God who reigns, who sits on high.

Each Day Renew

January 9, 2021

To start my day, spend time with You
Restores my soul helps it renew.

A time to read and reach inside,
Lord shine Your light let nothing hide.

What selfish traits still lurk within?
Lord help me see, confess each sin.

Lord draw me close where I belong,
I pray for fellowship that’s strong.

It gives me joy to share in rhyme
Most mornings in this quiet time.

Lord help me always write what’s true.
I pray my words draw some to You.

Lord give me words to share my heart,
Perhaps some wisdom to impart.

So many Lord distressed today,
Wrap them in peace, dear Lord, I pray.


January 8, 2021

Lord grant me authenticity,
Reflect how You created me.

Lord strip away my stubborn pride,
Reveal Your truth, reach deep inside.

So much that I still need to learn,
Lord grow my wisdom to discern.

Help me discover more each day,
Give me discernment, guide my way.

Lord You give peace. You’re in control.
Restore Your joy deep in my soul.

So many angry people Lord,
I pray Your healing love is poured

Into our hearts; restore our land.
It’s time to kneel not take a stand.

Lord help us see Your love is real.
Lord grant us wisdom, help us heal.

Let It Be

January 7, 2021

I pray for guidance through the year,
Discern the truth, to You draw near.

I pray I yield, give You control,
Not swayed by some opinion poll.

Lord guard my soul and guide my hand.
May truth take root throughout our land.

Lord keep my feet on solid ground.
Your Word is true, Your truth profound.

I pray I’m daily in Your Word,
My rhymes reflecting what I’ve heard.

I pray I’m able to impart
The love You’ve placed within my heart.

I pray I bring Your love and care
To others by the words I share.

I lift You up, Lord let it be
That others understand and see

The love that only You can bring.
You set us free that we may sing.


January 5, 2021

I’m not too keen on politics,
But something’s wrong we need to fix.

I think our leadership’s gone mad.
Their rhetoric just makes me sad.

When they attempt to ban a word,
They’ve gone too far, they’ve reached absurd.

Whoever thought we’d need free speech
To talk about the ones who teach,

The mothers, fathers in our land
Who hold their son’s and daughter’s hand?

Whoever thought that we’d offend
With heartfelt prayers then say amen?

They’ve pushed the limit, gone astray
To use Awoman when they pray.

We’ve gone too far, we’ve lost our way
When leaders censor what they say.

It’s time to pray, confess the wrong.
Lord lead us back where we belong.

Mere Reflections

January 4, 2021

I pray each day that words I write
Reflect God’s glory and His light,

That I can capture what I see,
Reflections of His majesty.

I pray that I’m not in the way,
Just show His love through what I say,

That what I write and words I share
Help others know His love and care.

His written Word has not grown old,
The treasures there, worth more than gold.

His majesty cannot be bound,
Extends beyond words I have found.

The One whose Word created stars
Became a man and bore our scars.

His glory shines through time and space,
Someday I’ll see Him face to face.