Life’s Often a Mess

October 14, 2020

Life seldom seems easy, it’s often a mess,
Sometimes my own doing if I must confess.

Other times stuff just happens beyond my control,
“Hang on and survive it” becomes my main goal.

Some lessons came easy while others I fought.
I pray I apply all my journey has taught.

Overcoming the obstacles life throws my way
Builds my trust in God’s Spirit to lead me each day.

He’ll help me through tough times I know are in store.
Lead me down a new pathway I’ve not walked before.

Each day’s a new journey. Each path that I take
Comes full of surprises and choices to make.

Decisions can challenge, define who I am.
Have I learned enough yet? Can I pass life’s exam?

I pray as I read and I study God’s Word,
That His Spirit will guide me to live what I’ve heard.

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