Glimpses of Glory

November 13, 2020

The glimpses of glory I find in God’s Word
Reduce all my worries to trite and absurd.

My time here is bounded but one day I’ll see.
I’ll soon be unleashed in eternity, free.

My life here’s a temporal passage through time.
One day I’ll transition to new life sublime.

I pray that my time here on earth is well spent.
I pray I accomplish the tasks I am sent.

I pray that my time is not focused on me,
But rather on others whose needs I can see.

My time is made better if I can invest,
And focus on others and give them my best.

My soul finds contentment, my heart fills with hope,
My passion’s fulfilled if I help others cope.

I pray that the love of the Lord will shine through;
That the words that God planted will touch your heart too.

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