A Special Time

November 20, 2020

It’s that special time of morning just before the sun is up.
A puppy sleeping in my lap and coffee in my cup.

I know that soon the day will come with troubles it will bring.
But now I’m quiet, peaceful, still, allow my heart to sing.

It gives me time to seek the Lord to contemplate the Word,
To listen for that still small voice and make sure that I’ve heard.

A quiet time to spend in prayer before I start my day,
Sometimes it seems we’ve lost the map; our ship has gone astray.

I know, dear Lord, you’re at the helm, please keep our ship afloat.
So many lives at stake right now, they’re not all in the boat.

I pray for weary, hurting souls who don’t yet know Your name.
I pray that soon they find Your love. They’ll never be the same.

I pray that in the midst of pain, You grant us peace inside.
Lord help us learn to lean on You and cast our load aside.

I pray Thanksgiving brings a change, may all the fighting cease.
This Christmas, Lord, I pray we find Your joy and love and peace.

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