Give Thanks

November 21, 2020

Thanksgiving is different, and though we’re apart
I send you my love that I share from my heart.

No laughter or turkey we typically share,
We’ll miss hugs and kisses but know that I care.

The mask covered faces I see in the store,
Cannot hide the smiles that I’ll soon see once more.

Thanksgiving brings memories of those I have known.
I’m grateful I knew them; their love will live on.

I’ll still take the time to give thanks and to pray,
Thank God for my wife who’s still with me this day.

Our life passes quickly I’m grateful for friends.
I’ll someday be grateful when this virus ends.

The Bible instructs me “give thanks in all things.”
Sometimes I need help with the trouble life brings.

I pray Lord for all who need Your help today.
Lord help us find courage; give thanks as we pray.

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