God and Country

November 25, 2020

From Pacific to Rockies across the great plain,
Then through Appalachia and up into Maine,

From the Gulf to Atlantic and all in between
Through the south to the border a beautiful scene.

The land of the free and the home of the brave,
Preserving our freedom there’s so much to save.

Such bountiful blessings it’s hard to begin.
I pray they’re kept safe from without and within.

I pray that divisions won’t tear us apart.
Lord bring us together with love in our heart.

The hatred and fighting’s polluting the air.
It’s time to join forces and show that we care.

It’s not about bickering, passing the blame,
But coming together once more to proclaim

“We love God and country, this land of the free.”
I pray it’s preserved from the mountains to sea.

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