Walking in the Light

November 26, 2020

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that something’s right.
We can still be choosing darkness over walking in the light.

There’s so much more to life than all the stupid things we do.
Let’s find in life our passion, then let’s steadily pursue

That goal with all the vigor we can muster to achieve
That dream that’s truly worthy of the truths that we believe.

Why live a life in shadows where it’s hard to see the sun,
When there’s so much need around us and there’s so much to be done?

If we’re reaching out to others and we’re showing love and care,
Then our lives are full of blessings and there’s nothing to compare.

The more we give to others and find ways to show our love,
The more we know God’s blessings that He showers from above.

I pray we find our passion and what makes us each unique.
We each one have a mountain and I pray we reach the peak.

I pray we help each other to achieve each goal and dream.
I pray we work together with God’s blessings as a team.

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