I pray you were blessed with a wonderful day of thanksgiving this year as we counted our blessings and thanked the Lord for friends and family. God bless us every one.

Here is a Thanksgiving poem I wrote Thanksgiving morning I’d like to share with you.

Thanksgiving Morning

A peaceful morning coffee, on this Thanksgiving Day;
A day with friends and family; no Santa or his sleigh.

A quiet time, alone with God, reflecting on my life.
The times of joy, the ups and downs, and even times of strife.

I see God’s hand throughout my life with every twist and turn.
It’s clearer now, but at the time seemed harder to discern.

I’m grateful God is patient; even when I’m stubborn,
He lets me go my own way and waits for my return.

He welcomes me with open arms and love I don’t deserve;
That God who set the stars in place and all that I observe.

I’ll thank God for my blessings, for each day of my past,
Until the day my journey ends, at home with Him at last

John Alexander

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. Hi, John.
    Thanks for sharing your poems with us. I’m saving every one so I can read them over and over. Good work, my friend, and lots of fun. Thanks for adding so much to my joy by our friendship.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy them. I like your handle “One Small Frog”. That may inspire a picture book text. Your friendship and support means a lot. Blessings, John

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