The winter of my life has come.
I’m truly blessed, it’s missed by some.

I now look back on seasons past,
The ups and downs, they’ve gone so fast.

My younger days were spent, it seems,
On future plans, on hopes and dreams.

Now winter’s come, who would have guessed,
I’d see a life that’s been so blessed.

I see God’s hand throughout my life.
He blessed me with a loving wife.

She shared my joys, my hopes, my fears.
We’ve had our share of trials and tears.

But through it all we trusted God.
He heard our prayers where ere we trod.

Though many youthful dreams came true,
Now older, wiser dreams shine through.

Though winter’s come I’m young inside.
New hopes and dreams, they still abide.

I trust in God to make a way,
To share some wisdom day by day.

Until the day His face I see,
I’ll share the words he gives to me.

5 thoughts on “THE WINTER OF MY LIFE”

  1. What a blessed and hopeful poem about your life Alexander…It shows how God has been wonderful and awesome to you……and that inside, it’s still Springtime : ))

    God bless,
    Tammy Fernando

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