A Prayer for Our Nation

In the hour before sunrise so still and serene
Spending time with the Lord has become my routine.
I pray that our nation finds wisdom and peace,
That divisions and hatred and fighting may cease.

Instead of a world that is driven by greed,
I pray we can focus on others in need.
Instead of out differences pulling apart,
May our actions be driven by love in our heart.

May we reach out to others and stretch out a hand.
May goodness and kindness take root in our land.
May the words that we speak and the actions we take,
Bring about a new spirit to heal and not break.

May our nation return to the values held dear,
Be a light in the darkness and drive out all fear.

6 thoughts on “A Prayer for Our Nation”

  1. I love “A Prayer For Our Nation”. We need to each and every one Pray this Prayer each and every day just at daybreak. Add prayer for our wonderful President Donald J. Trump for God’s protection and guidance upon him. Thank you!

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