Christmas in Texas

It’s Christmas in Texas, not likely to snow.
You’ll surely get kisses, we love mistletoe.
Prepare to be welcomed with smiles and warm hugs.
Enjoy the sweet goodies; hot chocolate in mugs.

Our trees will be topped with a bright Texas star,
Red peppers for garland, striped canes in a jar,
Red boots with green cactus and bells on the top.
Country songs about Christmas will play in the shops.

May the laughter of children and music you hear
Bring a peace that will spread to the ones you are near.
May your smile be contagious to others you meet.
Be blessed and bless others with plenty to eat.

May the spirit of Christmas sink deep in your soul.
May the joy of the season, spread roots and take hold.

John Alexander
Nov 28, 2018

Blessed Year

The year has gone quickly, seems time goes so fast.
Take time to reflect and look back on days past;
Time spent with your family, friends you hold dear,
Of fun times and sad times, they both bring a tear.

I pray that this year has brought blessings and love.
And the new year ahead will be blessed from above.
Share love that’s inside you and you will soon know,
That you’re the one blessed, as you see that love grow.

Support those around you, perform a kind deed.
Find ways to help them, fulfilling a need.
May your small act of kindness soon grow by tenfold.
May others be moved, acts of kindness take hold.

Draw dear ones around you, make mem’ries that last.
The moments are precious, the days go so fast.

John Alexander
Nov 28, 2018

A Prayer for Our Nation

In the hour before sunrise so still and serene
Spending time with the Lord has become my routine.
I pray that our nation finds wisdom and peace,
That divisions and hatred and fighting may cease.

Instead of a world that is driven by greed,
I pray we can focus on others in need.
Instead of out differences pulling apart,
May our actions be driven by love in our heart.

May we reach out to others and stretch out a hand.
May goodness and kindness take root in our land.
May the words that we speak and the actions we take,
Bring about a new spirit to heal and not break.

May our nation return to the values held dear,
Be a light in the darkness and drive out all fear.


    Timeless Tales

Book reviews are a gift from the reader to both the author and to other readers. Each of us has been on a different journey, so each person reads a book, especially a book of poetry, and relates to the book in different ways. Reading multiple reviews provides much more insight into a book than simply reading the back cover.

My special thanks goes out to those who have reviewed Timeless Tales and offered their insights with future readers.

“This book of inspirational rhymes is truly charming.”

“Stories and Inspiration through Poetry”

“A comfortable book of poems, full of sincerity and warmth.”

“Soul-stirring and heart-warming!”

“an extremely fun read as the words flow so smoothly”

“This book is the perfect way to end the day in peace and hope”

Will Anyone Hear?

Today marks a milestone, the day I was born.
On the outside I’m tattered, torn, faded, and worn.
But inside I am younger, with so much to share.
What I’ve learned on my journey, will anyone care?

I put my thoughts out there as poems in rhyme.
I pray they reach others, endure a long time.
Will the book be a tree, when it falls no one hears?
Or will it touch others and dry up some tears?

I’m a newbie at rhyming, I started last spring.
I love rhyme and rhythm, it lets my heart sing.
What a birthday surprise on this day it would make,
If my book was deemed worthy and not a mistake.

If you happen to read it, then please let me know
If a poem has touched you or helped you to grow.

Timeless Tales Author Interviews

Author interviews provide readers with more understanding of the author, the books, and the motivation for writing.

Two interviews with John Alexander and his book of poetry, Timeless Tales, allow him to share more in depth with his readers.

The Book Connection
John’s interview with Cheryl Malandrinos is available on her blog, The Book Connection:

John’s Smashwords interview is available at:

New Book: Timeless Tales

Timeless Tales Cover eBook 7-6-18

New Book: Timeless Tales

My journey into poetry began the spring of 2017 in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. I captured the beginning in the first poem of my debut book of poetry to be released August 12 (Hardback, paperback, and eBook).

The Beginning

I sat in the waiting room, sad and alone.
My wife’s life of pain wore me down to the bone.

So many misfortunes came into my life.
Was I doomed to endure all this pressure and strife?

Helpless feelings and hopelessness cut to my soul.
That small child within me I had to console.

Sad times fell like garbage just dumped on my head.
Will this darkness consume me or shape me instead?

A rhyme rose within me, it caused me to smile.
It focused my thoughts, I escaped for a while.

The book is now available for pre-order:

Amazon Kindle
Smashwords e-book
Barnes & Noble NOOK Book

Amazon Paperback
Barnes & Noble Paperback

Amazon Hardcover
Barnes & Noble Hardcover

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